10 Common Signs from Your Loved Ones in Spirit

10 common signs from your loved ones in spirit

10 Common Signs From Your Loved Ones in Spirit

After your loved ones have passed they’re anxious to let you know that they are okay, and that they’re still near you. Your loved ones in spirit want to provide you not only with the comfort you need as you move through the myriad of emotions associated with the grief of their passing, but also want you to know that they can still help and assist you from the other side. And they do this in various ways.

This article is to provide you with the 10 most common signs from your loved ones in spirit are near; signs that are used not only to get your attention, but to also help heal your grieving heart.

10 common signs from your loved ones in spirit

Are My Loved Ones in Heaven Around Me?

As a professional psychic medium one of my prime functions is to act as an intermediary between loved ones in heaven and the loved ones on earth. Without fail, during every session the loved one in spirit has attempted to contact the person or persons I’m doing a reading for.

But unfortunately many times the attempted communication goes unnoticed, until the loved one becomes aware of the different ways loved ones in spirit can communicate with them. So what I would like to do is share with you the ten most common signs from your loved ones in spirit that have been prevalent in my own mediumship practice so that you can become aware of how your loved one may be trying to communicate with you from the other side.

Here are the 10 common signs from your loved ones in spirit:

1. Hearing their voice. Hearing your loved ones voice in your minds ear is a very common way your loved ones in spirit can communicate with you. For some people who have latent clairaudience abilities, they may even hear an “audible” voice. But this is a rare occurrence.

Generally the voice of the loved one is heard inside your head. The reason for this is that your loved ones in spirit are now existing on an energetic level and do not have a vocal box, so they are able communicate directly with the mind.

For example, a great many of my clients have told me that they have “heard” their love ones call either their name, or share with them a piece of information that they need to know.

A great example of this comes from one of my clients name Phyllis, who told me that she had verbally asked her deceased brother if he had a will; to which she immediately received a response in her mind’s ear that said, “Of course. It’s in my safety deposit box.”

2. Symbolic messages. Loved ones in spirit really want you to know that they are okay on the other side. And another common way they may communicate with you is through the use of symbolic words, phrases, and numbers. The symbolic messages often come in print form; such as from books or magazines falling open to a certain page that has an encouraging word or phrase written on it that you need at that moment. It may also come from a television or radio advertisement.

Often clients report to me that in their deepest sorrow that something they have either heard or read immediately comforted them and eased their grieving heart. And sometimes these messages may even come in the form of numbers.

In my own life experience, I had a love interest who transitioned an early age. A secret message we would often convey to one another was the number sequence, 4 – 5 – 8 which stood for “I love you.” On the way home from his funeral he made sure to turn my attention to a billboard with the following message: “458 miles to go.”

3. Dream visitations. Dream visitations are another very common sign from your loved ones in spirit. The reason is that with the conscious mind asleep and out of the way, the subconscious mind can be easily accessed. In dream visitations you can see, hear, and feel your loved ones. Sometimes your loved ones embrace you, or just show up and engage in activities they used to do with you before their transition.

One common question I am asked about dream visitations is “How do you know if it’s just your imagination or if it’s a true dream visitation?”

The way you know is that a true dream visitation is very lucid, and when you awaken you feel a great sense of either peace, or comfort. This is the favorite way pets who have transitioned communicate with their masters; often times allowing their pet parents to physically feel their presence once again.

4. Signs of animals/insects. Loved ones in spirits often enjoy letting you know they’re around you by causing you to notice birds or insects; such as butterflies or dragonflies. Often during mediumship readings the loved ones in spirit tell me that they have caused birds or other earthly creatures to directly interact with their loved ones.

Mary, a widow, shared with me how her husband love to watch deer play. They lived in a semi-mountainous area in Southern California and at various times had the opportunity to watch a few deer frolic in play in their backyard.

Two weeks after her husband passed, Mary said she sat on the back porch feeling emotionally numb and saddened by the loss of her husband.

She said that all of the sudden a doe appeared in her yard, and instead of keeping its distance it strolled up to the porch, looked her straight in the eyes for a few minutes, then turned around and slowly made its way back into the forest.

Mary said with a huge smile, “I knew beyond a doubt that it was my husband Dan, letting me know that I would be okay.”

5. Small objects. Loved ones in spirit sometimes communicate with you by placing small objects such as coins, feathers, and other small trinkets were you’ll find them. My own loved ones in spirit enjoy giving me fun pens and pencils, and often send me small objects with smiley faces imprinted on them.

6. Feeling their presence. Your loved ones want to communicate with you and will let you know by allowing you to feel their presence. Sometimes you may have the feeling that they are sitting right next to you, or perhaps with you in the car.

What I personally notice is that our loved ones in spirit have the same energetic signature as they did on the earth plane; and so their energy is familiar and recognizable.

Should you feel your love ones presence around you, acknowledge them. They can hear you, and just want to communicate their love for you through their presence.

7. Songs on the radio. This is a fun, and very personal way your loved ones in spirit can communicate with you. They may direct your attention to certain words or phrases in a song, or direct your attention to special songs they may either enjoyed themselves, or which remind you of the happy times you spent together.

8. Object manipulation. Your loved ones in spirit have the ability to manipulate physical objects and may try to get your attention by knocking over things such as photographs or other small objects, turning things on and off such as lights, toys, the radio, cell phones and telephones, television; and perhaps even changing the channel on the television.

Many of my clients are surprised when their loved ones in spirit tell me that since the loved ones on the earthly plane ignored all other signs of communication from them that they had to physically knock things over in order to get their attention!

9. Familiar sounds. Loved ones in spirit also give you signs they are nearby, by causing you to hear familiar sounds they would make while they were on the earth plane. You may hear dishes clanking, doors opening and closing, a chair reclining back, sounds of footsteps, or other similar noises.

These noises are not meant to frighten the loved ones who remain on the earth plane, but are an attempt to bring comfort to those who are left behind, as well as to assure them that their loved ones are still around them.

10. Familiar fragrances. For many of my client’s familiar fragrances are one of the most comforting signs from their loved ones in spirit. This comes in the form of familiar smells such as a specific perfume, cologne, or aftershave unique to the loved one, the smell of their loved ones favorite flower, or even the smell of food either cooking or baking!

I really enjoy during a mediumship reading when loved ones in spirit cause my client to smell fragrances. Not only does it cause my clients face to light up with joy, but it is also a solid confirmation of the loved ones presence during the reading.

Learning to recognize the common signs from your loved ones in spirit will not only help to soften the pain of a broken heart, but will also provide you with the comfort that your loved ones are okay and available to you even after their passing.

Be open to, and pay attention to the many signs ways your loved ones in spirit attempt to contact you each day; and more importantly, acknowledge your love ones every time you notice their attempts to communicate with you. For their prime motive is only love.

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  1. Last night I was woken up to the sound of things being knocked in my bedroom.I also thought I heard a soft little voice murmming ohh to me. I also thought I could hear people talking and walking around. I did get a little scared by this. But the thing is I already know that spirits are around me and I feel someone sitting at the end of my bed most nights.I have also started receiving feathers daily now. I don’t mind them visiting as I know they help me and they bring great comfort to me.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Tina. It is easy to seem startled at first when Spirit is trying to make its presence known. But the gift of the feathers you are receiving is a loving reminder from your Angels that you are not only protected, but also very loved.

  2. I came across you site looking for answers. My ex mother in law passed 9/29/14. Then her husband passsed 10/2/16. I was very close as expected to both. After my father in law passed away, every time i am by myself things fall. First I didn’t pay attention but it continued to happen. I know he is here watching over his grandchildren.

    1. I agree with you . . . your Father-in-Law is definitely trying to get your attention. Falling objects are a very common way loved ones in heaven attempt to communicate with those who still remain on the earthly plane. Thanks for sharing you experience with us. Blessings, Love, and Light to you and yours Kaylea.

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