August 2015

Balanced Living; 5 Necessities for Living a Balanced Life


Balanced Living: 5 Necessities for Living a Successful Life

Why is the balance of mind, body, and spirit so important? Balanced living; or the balance of mind, body and spirit can best be illustrated by the following story metaphor.

Years ago when rechargeable batteries first became popular – and I’m probably dating myself – I had a Sony Walkman. This was in the early 1980’s when tape cassettes were the norm instead of today’s podcasts and mp3s, but regardless, I loved my Sony Walkman.

I used it all the time and was going through a lot of batteries as a result. So one day I decided that I would purchase some rechargeable batteries. These batteries worked really, really, well and saved me tons of pocket cash which was quite scarce at that period of time in my life.

As I started getting more involved in my career, I had less and less ‘me time’, which meant that I began to use my Walkman less and less. And here is what I found.

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How to Make Your Own ESP Zener Cards


How to Make Your Own ESP Zener Cards

Zener cards are a deck of 25 cards, consisting of a set of 5 simple shapes. They are used to test and develop your psychic acuity. If you want to deepen your clairvoyance, Zener cards are a great addition to your psychic toolbox.

Zener cards were developed and first used by psychologist Karl Zener for his experiments in parapsychology. You can purchase a pack of Zener cards for $9.99 up to a whopping $25.00 dollars per pack which to me is kind of steep!

I like to use Zener cards when conducting psychic development workshops, but the problem I found was that the cards were a bit pricey, and I always try to make sure that my workshop overhead is low. My solution was to have my students make the cards themselves. And what we found was that making the Zener cards together was as much fun as using them!

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Luxuriate in Being Alive!

Luxuriate in Being Alive

Luxuriate in Being Alive!

I was at a diner last week, and I heard a little boy say, “Daddy, are you alive or are you an android?” And I thought, what an interesting question. Because many people go through life acting as if they’re androids. They move from one task to another as if they’re robots, not aware of life around them, doing the same ho-hum 9 to 5 routine every single day; and then having a few days to catch up on chores over the weekend. More often than not this trivial existence causes you to wind up feeling dissatisfied and sometimes even depressed.

Luxuriate in being alive! Don’t be a robot! This article is designed to deliver to you some quick and easy tips and techniques to help you become more alive and more engaged in life. Being more alive, and being more engaged in life carries over into every area of your life; personal and professional. Also life is short, so it’s important for you as a human being to really take advantage of the time that you have now.

Taking time out to enjoy life is not hard, but it does require a change of personal perspective. So what we’re going to do is take a look at several ways that you can begin to luxuriate in the richness of your life starting today.

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