October 2015

4 Ways to Energetically Ground Yourself


Four Ways to Energetically Ground Yourself

Grounding is a process of energetically anchoring your body to the earth. Not only does grounding allow you to connect with your spiritual essence, but it also has significant benefits to your physical body and emotional body as well.

The benefits of grounding are numerous. When you do not energetically ground yourself you pick up or absorb the thoughts and feelings of your surroundings that do not belong to you; which can leave you feeling off-balance and anxious. This is a primary concern of empaths, energy healers and workers, and intuitives.

Grounding benefits the physical body as well. Recent breakthroughs in medical science has shown that grounding calms your nervous system, which supports your heart rate, blood pressure, immune system, as well as releasing neurochemicals into the bloodstream such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These neurochemicals are often called the happy chemicals; and their function is to support your emotional and mental well-being.

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Energetic Space Clearing


Energetic Space Clearing; 5 Ways to Energetically Clear Your Home

Just as dust and dirt can accumulate in your physical environment, so can stagnant energy debris. And just like the importance of good housekeeping to keep your home or office free from dirt and grime, it is also important to rid your house of negative and stagnant energy.

Energy debris buildup is the result of accumulated negative emotions, thoughts, events, or stress or worry, which has been experienced a physical space, such as your home or office.

Stagnant energy debris can be absorbed in your physical environment and is strongest after an emotional occurrence or event that has transpired. Your physical environment is similar to a sponge, and whatever circumstances, or events that has transpired there can be absorbed into your carpets, furniture, walls, ceilings, and other objects.

Left unchecked, the stagnant energy can also affect your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. This can contribute to stress, insomnia, depression, and lack of creativity; which means that energetic space clearing is just as important as physical space cleansing.

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