November 2015

Spiritual Soul Cleansing


Spiritual Soul Cleansing; Clear Your Energy, Uplift Your Vibration

Spiritual house cleansing does for your mind, body, and soul what spring cleaning does for your home. And just as physical housekeeping keeps your physical space clean and tidy, periodic soul cleansing not only keeps your energy vibration high, but also keeps you in alignment with Divine Love and joy.

And if you are a student of the Law of Attraction you already know that aligning with Divine Love makes you a magnet for manifesting not only more of what you desire, but also what you would like to express in life.

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Divine Guidance or Your Imagination?


Divine Guidance or Your Imagination? How to Tell the Difference . . .

How do you know whether that inner voice within is real or not? Is it just your imagination, wishful thinking, lower astral energies, or something else?

“Is this Divine Guidance or my imagination? How can I tell the difference?” As a professional Angel channel and psychic medium this is by far the number one question I am asked by my students and clients alike.

The good news is that there are several effective guideposts that can help you to distinguish whether or not the messages you are receiving is true Divine Guidance, or a result of wishful thinking.

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10 Ways to Stay Positive Regardless of the Circumstances

10 ways to stay positive regardless of the circumstances

10 Ways to Stay Positive Regardless of the Circumstances

Flat tires on the road called life. We’ve all been there on that bumpy road of life – a relationship breakup, financial adversity, illness, job and career issues, personal conflict with your spouse, child, parent, boss, colleague etc. These life circumstances can cause mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain, anxiety, and anguish, if left unchecked

Is there a solution? Fortunately the answer is “yes!” By taking the time to consciously look at the life situations that seem to weigh you down, and to instead give yourself permission to look at things in a new light, you can transform any negative situation quickly and easily starting with these 10 tips . . .

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Intuition and Psychic Abilities; What’s the Difference?


Intuition and Psychic Abilities; What’s the Difference?

Are intuition and psychic abilities the same thing? As a psychic medium this is a common question I am asked by both students and clients alike. An interesting question to say the least, and the answer may actually surprise you.

Many people use the term intuitive and psychic interchangeably. And while it is true that everyone is intuitive, not everyone has psychic abilities.

What do I mean? Intuitive and psychic abilities although similar intrinsically, have one very distinct difference. In order to explain the difference between the two let’s first take a look at each term individually.

Then as an added bonus you will be given the tools to discover if you are intuitive or psychic! Ready? Let’s go . . .

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