March 2016

Resurrect Your Clairvoyance

resurrect your clairvoyance

How to Resurrect Your Clairvoyance

Does it seem as if your clairvoyant ability has somehow either lessened or has turned off altogether? In my professional practice many of my clients ask me how to resurrect their clairvoyance; just like Nicki who asked me the follow question:

I used to be really intuitive when I was a child. My clairvoyant abilities where off the charts! I was able to quickly see and discern when things would happen. But as I grew older my abilities seemed to lessen. Can I get them back?

My answer? Absolutely, yes! You can resurrect or re-discover your clairvoyant ability, and with a bit of focused practice your clairvoyant abilities can be even become better and more developed than before.

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Becoming a Magnet for Love

becoming a magnet for love

Becoming a Magnet for Love + Prayer to Archangel Chamuel to Find Love

Do you want more love in your life? Becoming a magnet for love is easier than you think; however the process is not what many people expect. What do I mean?

When looking for love many people look ‘out there’; with online dating sites, speed dating mixers, and other similar practices. The truth is this – love is an inside job. Love is not ‘out there’ somewhere, but already exists inside of you right now.

As a matter of fact, love is your natural state of beingness. Your Higher Soul wants to resonate from the highest and purest space of love. When you can do this you cannot help but magnetize love in all of its beautiful forms, which includes romantic love!

Here’s how . . .

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