April 2016

Signs You’re an Empath


Common Signs You’re an Empath

Are you an empath? Are you interested in discovering the common signs of an empath? In order to answer those questions, first let’s take a look at the definition of what an empath is.

So what is an empath? The Cliff notes definition is this – an empath is someone who easily tunes into another person’s emotions, absorbing them much like bread sops up gravy. Unless you’re empathic side is honed and trained, more often than not and empath is doing this on a subconscious level.

And while on a practical level this can be quite advantageous; if you’re unaware that you have empathic tendencies it can make you feel emotionally drained, and unbalanced in mind, body, and soul.

Discovering the common signs that signify you’re an empath will go a long way in not only helping you to quickly regain your intuitive faculties, but also help you to pull in, and reset your emotional vibration.

Here are some of the most common signs you’re an empath . . .

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Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities


Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Are you interested in learning how to tap into your psychic abilities but just don’t know where to start? Tapping into your intuitive or psychic abilities is actually much easier than you may think.

Many people are already aware that have psychic abilities or ‘intuitive gifts’ but are unsure about how to hone and develop these abilities. While many others have a deep desire to be able to ‘see into their future’, be more intuitive, provide tarot or angel card readings, or perhaps even communicate with a loved one on the other side; however they are unsure if they can develop the skill to do so.

“After all,” they think. “Intuitive gifts such as that are just for the few . . . right?”

Wrong. The truth is that anyone can develop their psychic abilities. And although some are more naturally tuned into their psychic knowing than others, anyone can learn to tune into their psychic abilities with a bit of practice and perseverance.

If you are you interested in learning how to fine tuning your psychic abilities the following 3 top tips will get you started . . .

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Healing Your Past Lives


Healing Your Past Lives; Why is it important?

Healing your past lives. Have you ever wondered how your past lives collide with, or affect your present life? I believe this is a very important question, a question that is often overlooked. Because past lives are an integral part of who you are and who your soul has become over time.

How you evolved and grown as a soul and as an individual is very much dependent on the experiences you had in your past lives, just as it plays a very important role affecting the experiences you have in this present lifetime. This means that in order to heal you future you must first heal your past.

The truth is that just as your current life experiences are not always positive and happy, experiences you may have had in your past lives were not always positive in nature either. As a matter of fact, some of those experiences can be so fearful and negative that on a soul level you may have difficulty letting them go, because if you do they may happen again! And this is the number one reason why negative energy from past experiences may carry over into your present life experiences.

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