May 2016

Are You a Lightworker? How to Find Out . . .

Are You a Lightworker?

Are You a Lightworker? Here’s How to Find Out . . .

The day I discovered I was a Lightworker I cried. Not tears of sadness mind you; but tears of joy. I was 28 years old and in the process of reconnecting with my Angels and Guides after a brief rebellious streak. OK – yes! I was a rebel without a cause. I just wanted the voices and images to stop so I could be ‘normal’. But even then, deep inside I knew I was anything but normal.

I had always known that there was ‘something’ that I was destined to do. And that something was calling me, urging me to do what I signed up to do at this time and place in the world. So I responded to this inner urging by surrendering to it completely with one word, “yes!”

It was then that I discovered that I was a Lightworker; a way shower of full of love and spiritual light. I no longer felt like the odd gal out, and more importantly suddenly everything began to fall into place; and my life has never been the same.

What about you? Are you a Lightworker? Here’s how to find out . . .

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How to Deflect a Psychic Attack

psychic attack

How to Deflect a Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is a very real phenomenon, and learning to deflect such an attack is vital. As a lifelong martial artist I often hear my Sensei say that the best way to prevent an attack is to avoid any situations that could cause a personal threat in the first place. In other words, be conscious enough to not put yourself in harm’s way.

The same truth holds true when it comes to psychic self-defense. As human beings you and I thrive by utilizing our individual strengths to support our weaknesses. Psychic attacks work by shining the light on your weaknesses causing you to attack yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by clouding the way you choose to think, act, or react in the world about you.

Learning how to psychically protect yourself will help you to be consciously aware of your energetic environment at any given time and will enable you to effectively protect yourself.

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Break the Worry Cycle with Archangel Michael

break the worry cycle with Archangel Michael

Break the Worry Cycle with Archangel Michael

It was then that I realized that my stress and anxiety was killing me; literally. I had to learn how to break the worry cycle, and I had to do it fast. I was a young attorney, freshly diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and working in a thankless job that was not only stressful, but mentally and physically demanding.

On that particular day the stress and anxiety hit me full force as I was driving in my car to a court appearance. I became dizzy, short of breath, and began to sweat profusely. My hands tingled and I struggled for air as I pulled over to the side of the road. Fear gripped me to the core. “What’s happening to me?” I thought.

I’m not alone. The fact is that stress related anxiety affects over 6.8 million adults in the US alone, and sadly many of those affected are unaware that they are being drawn deeper into its deadly web.

Fortunately there is a way out! You can break the cycle of worry with Archangel Michael’s help. Here’s how . . .

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