July 2016

How to Energetically Clear Angel Oracle Cards


How to Energetically Clear Angel Oracle Cards

Knowing how to energetically clear angel oracle cards is a valuable knowledge resource. Everything is made up of energy, and sometimes energy can get a bit stagnant and slow.

When this happens to your angel oracle cards, you may find it hard to know when to stop shuffling your cards, or feel as if your connection with your cards is somehow off; causing your readings to feel strained or muddled – almost as if the cards do not want to cooperate with you. This is a sure sign that your cards need to be cleared. Here’s how . . .

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Dream Visitation or Regular Dream


Dream Visitation or Regular Dream; How to Tell the Difference

Have you ever dreamed of a loved one in heaven and woke up wondering, “Did I have a dream visitation or a regular dream?” Dreaming of a loved one in heaven, whether person or pet, is not only a very common occurrence, but is also very comforting.

Your deceased loved ones can and will visit you in your dreams. These type of dreams are known as ‘dream visitations’ and can provide you with a deep sense of inner peace, and relief that your loved one is okay.

But how can you tell the difference between a regular dream and a true dream visitation? Here’s how to find out . . .

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