November 2016

The Archangel Apothecary


The Archangel Apothecary; Incense, Oils, Herbs, Potions, & Prayers

I am happy to announce my newest book, The Archangel Apothecary: Incense, Oils, Herbs, Potions, & Prayers for everyday life! Quantum Physics teaches that everything is made of energy, and has its own energetic resonance. Throughout the centuries ancient healers skilled in the arts of herbalism and energy medicine knew this to be true, using herbs, oils, incense, and prayer to effectively facilitate mental and emotional healing in their patients.

As a professional angel communicator and energy healer, I was able to witness first-hand the incredible power of combing the energy of the Archangels with essential oils and herbs in my spiritual counseling and healing sessions. This is accomplished through a unique process that my Angelic Team shared with me – and now I would like to share that process with you too!

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