Archangel Raguel Serene Essential Oil Blend Recipe


Archangel Raguel Serene Essential Oil Blend Recipe

If you need to restore harmony and tranquility – the Archangel Raguel Serene Essential Oil Blend Recipe is your answer.

This fragrant recipe is pure bliss . . .

Who is Archangel Raguel?

Archangel Raguel commonly referred to as the Angel of Harmony and Justice. Archangel Raguel works for the betterment of relations within humankind.

“As the “friend of God” meaning of his name implies, Raguel is the angel to turn to for harmonious relationships. He brings forgiveness, peace, and calm between people and heals misunderstandings.” ~ Doreen Virtue

Archangel Raguel helps you to wipe out negativity and misunderstandings in any form. His goal is to bring healing and serenity so that you can enjoy life at its best.

The Nature of Misunderstandings

Let’s face it. Misunderstandings are perhaps the single greatest source of our arguments and fights with each other, and they occur for many reasons.

Understanding where they come from and how to avoid them will go a long way to strengthen relationships and avoid fights.

A misunderstanding could be the result of several things or some combination thereof:

  1. Hearing something that wasn’t said.
  2. Not hearing something that was said.
  3. Not understanding what was said.
  4. Not knowing how to say something.
  5. Thinking you said something that you really didn’t.
  6. Misreading body-language.

We’ve all been there. Struggling with explaining something in words that is more felt or abstract. Thinking we heard someone say something that they did not, and we’ve all fallen victim to someone else’s twisted interpretation of what we’ve said.

Archangel Raguel to the rescue! A simple prayer to Archangel Raguel is all you need to help you restore peace and serenity in even the difficult of situations:

“Dear Archangel Raguel, thank you for harmonizing all of my relationships and helping me to be a good friend to myself and all others.”

Archangel Raguel Serene Essential Oil Blend Recipe


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