Emotional Decluttering

emotional decluttering

Emotional Decluttering with Archangel Jophiel’s Help

Spring. The time to throw off the dank and cold of winter, and to instead welcome in the newness of spring. Spring is also traditionally the time to clean and clear the clutter of the long winter in preparation for the warmth and beauty of the new season.

While physically cleaning and preparation for the new season is good and beneficial, the truth is that few people realize the importance of a periodic deep emotional decluttering. What do I mean?

emotional decluttering

Why is Emotional Decluttering Important?

Just as things around your physical space get dusty and crowded with junk, so does your inner heart space. A periodic emotional declutter helps to not only prepare you for new and fresh seasons in your life, but it also helps you to get clear on your next best course of action in life; which ultimately excites and infuses your thoughts with fragrant possibilities.

Emotional decluttering is similar to physical decluttering except instead of a dust cloth and broom, your tools are simple . . . a writing utensil and several pieces of paper. Ready to declutter your emotions and put them in the proper place? Here’s how . . .

What Areas of My Life Should I Declutter?

Emotional decluttering is more than just cutting out stagnant thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, and as a matter of fact emotional decluttering carries over into the following areas as well:

  • Spiritual Decluttering – Cut out all beliefs you have been taught that go against a Loving Universe, including their influences from books, TV, and other resources that do not support Love.
  • Personal Decluttering—Say good bye to all of those negative thoughts and unproductive beliefs that tear you down and tell you that in some way you aren’t good enough to have, be, and do only the best in life. Also, good riddance to decisions that don’t support your self-care, self-value, and self-worth!
  • Negative People Decluttering—You become who you associate with. Period. Ask yourself the following question: “Do the people in my life give me energy and encourage my personal growth, or do they block that growth with criticism, drama, and other outdated scripts?” If they don’t support and encourage you freely say goodbye with love.
  • Negative Activities Decluttering —Eliminate those activities in your life that do not support you mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Television, books, movies, and other media that do not lift you up and make you feel fabulous falls into this category as well as those activities that interfere with a healthy mind and body. Remember, moderation is this key to everything in life.

How to Declutter Your Emotions – A Simple Ritual

The number one rule when it comes to all categories of emotional decluttering is to consciously notice if an emotion positively serves you, or negatively tears you down. If a memory or a mental image does not positively enhance and inform your life then you must let it go. And the best way to do that is with a pen or pencil, and a handful of paper.

Take some time to think about areas of your life that are currently getting you down and list them on your piece paper. How are those emotions affecting your school, work, relationships, health, or any other area of your life? What is the originating situation that first caused those emotions to flare to the surface? What are the negative or painful emotions associated with that?

Write out everything that comes to mind, and allow yourself to rant! Pour your heart and soul down onto the paper – no holds barred. Let your tears emotional declutteringflow, scream, or yell as you write. Allow the anger you feel to rise to the surface, and write down how that anger feels.

Continue to write on that particular area until you cannot write any more, and then, if you can, move onto the next item. The point is to keep allowing all of those discordant thoughts, and emotions to rise to the surface of your consciousness, and then allowing all of those feelings and thoughts to spill into written words on the page.

Writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper not only crystallizes your thoughts and helps you to zone into how you are really feeling, but also gives you greater clarity on what is really going on in certain situations in your life.

Once you have gotten all of those pent up feelings and emotions out and written on to the page, you are ready for the next step which utilizes a powerful, transformational weapon . . . Archangel Jophiel.

Archangel Jophiel is known as the Angel of Beauty. And not only does she help to beautify your life and your physical surroundings, but she also can assist you in clearing and beautifying your thoughts and feelings. You can call upon Archangel Jophiel for help whenever you notice your thoughts are negative and/or full of confusion, and ask for her help in transmuting and clearing them.

Transmuting and Clearing Negative Emotions with Archangel Jophiel’s Help

The next step is the most freeing of the emotional decluttering process. Take the paper you have written on in your hands and say the following prayer with utmost conviction:

“Archangel Jophiel, it is my intention to cleanse, clear, and transmute these negative emotions and thoughts; and I ask that you assist me by beautifying my thoughts and feelings, as well as by initiating healing and forgiveness wherever needed in this situation.

I realize that everyone has done the best they could do in this situation, including myself, with the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, understanding, and experience that they had at that particular time and in that particular situation. Therefore I let this all go and seek peace and clarity in these areas of my life right now.

Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done! And so it is . . . Amen!”

Next, immediately after you say this prayer either burn the paper in the fireplace or in a fireproof container, or tear the paper up into tiny bits and throw the paper away. The simple act of either burning or tearing up the paper has a powerful effect on your subconscious mind and allows space that begins to shift and declutter all of the previously pent up emotions. This ultimately leads to deep inner peace, as well as to the healing of even the deepest and oldest of emotional wounds.

Emotional decluttering on a regular basis can bring about a massive change in the way you look at yourself and everything around you. And making a conscious effort to declutter emotionally on a regular basis will make the energy wheels inside your subconscious mind begin to roll spontaneously, allowing you to instantly begin to rid yourself of everything that does not serve your higher good. And this my beautiful friends is what living free, and clear is all about!


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Have you used the Angels to help declutter your life? What methods did you use? Let us know by commenting below!



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