Fun and Easy Psychic Games


Fun and Easy Psychic Games

Psychic development games are like any other game – which means that a playful attitude and persistence pays off! This post will share with you some fun and easy psychic games to play to that will help you to begin to develop your psychic perception starting today!


It is now summer where I live in Southern California. If you are looking for something to do to occupy yourself on a hot, sunny afternoon why not play some psychic games?

When I was a young child I loved psychic camp. At these camps my psychic mentor used some really fun games to help our group develop our psychic muscles. These games not only developed and honed our psychic perception, but they also gave us great confidence in our intuitive abilities. And they will do the same for you as well!

The games we played at camp used playing cards, dice, Zener cards, dominos and other objects. However, the following psychic games that I am going to share with you do not need such objects at all. All you need is a playful attitude and an open mind.

You can either play these games alone by yourself, or have a friend play along with you. These games are not a contest, and if you approach it from the standpoint of trying to be better than someone else you will block your intuitive flow. Everyone wins with these games, so remember that the point is to have fun!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing the following fun and easy psychic games. First of all, give yourself permission to be inaccurate, especially in the beginning.

Remember, that practice makes perfect. The more you practice the more you will find that your accuracy improves. Also, remember that developing your psychic knowing is a skill. The more you exercise it the stronger you will get.

Record your impressions down on a piece of paper or on a smart device such as your cell phone. This is an enjoyable, and enlightening way of keeping track of your progress.

Finally, always approach these games with an open mind and a playful attitude. If you try to “force” your intuitive impressions you most likely will block them. Once again, the point of these exercises is to have fun.

Ready to begin? Great! Let’s get started . . .

5 Fun and Easy Psychic Games

1. When the phone rings, before you pick it up, see if you can guess who is calling. If no one comes to mind, just make something up. What you imagine will often be what/who is actually there – you might be surprised at the results.

2. When you are about to meet a friend somewhere, focus your attention on that friend before you see them and make an attempt to “pick up” how they feel or what they are thinking about. When you finally see them, check your clarity by asking them how they are doing.

3. When you experience a strong emotion or pain, step back and pay attention to it as mentioned before. Then psychically ask yourself what insightful message this emotion or pain might be telling you? What is the possible lesson this event is trying to teach you?

4. When you meet someone for the first time, see if you can “pick up” any psychic information about that person. While focusing on them, ask yourself what this person does professionally, are they married, where they live, etc. Check your results by having a casual conversation.

5. If you are going somewhere that you’ve never been before (new city, park, etc), try to “focus in” and see what is there before you go. Don’t just think about it, imagine being there and take in what you experience. Just make something up if nothing comes to at first.What do you see? What emotional tone do you feel about the place? What is something unique that stands out about the location?

Spend a few minutes on this and then bring your attention back behind your eyes. It may help to drink a glass of water to get yourself grounded. Then when you go to the new location, compare what you psychically saw with the actual location.

As you may have noticed, these simple games are quite practical and can be practiced through out the day . . . enjoy!


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