Guided Meditation for a Prosperous New Year

guided meditation for a prosperous new year

Guided Meditation for a Prosperous New Year

Looking for a way to start your New Year off with an intuitive head start? This free guided meditation will give you the edge you are looking for.


Guided Meditation for a Prosperous New Year

The New Year is upon us. A time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and renewed dreams. And if the New Year is short on a deep meaning, at least it’s long on metaphor. What do I mean?

A common depiction of the passing of one year and the coming of another is that of a bearded old man exiting the stage, making way for a smiling, bouncing baby. There is excitement and fresh hope embodied in this metaphor; the suggestion that something fresh is replacing something worn-out in used up.

What a fabulous image to sum up a new year. Whatever good there may have been in the year gone by, are also likely to be disappointments. You may have suffered a whiff of defeat, or serious grief. But as you look ahead to a new cycle of seasons, you can also look ahead to new opportunities with a heartfelt decision to make the best of them; and to create something new.

This is what makes each New Year appealing; the ability to make the upcoming year can whatever you wish. All it takes is a bit of reflection, connection to your heart dreams, as well as some good old-fashioned practical planning, sprinkled with inspired action.

Guided Meditation for a Prosperous New Year Audio

This free guided meditation for a prosperous New Year that will help you dream, plan, and prepare for action.

The goal of this guided meditation is to deeply explore the next step your soul wishes to take in the incredible adventure which is your life.

To obtain maximum benefit from this meditation it is suggested that you set aside all conscious thoughts about what you think you “should” accomplish, and to instead trust your Higher Self, and your angels, and guides.

So get quiet, relax, and allow the following meditation to connect you to your heartfelt dreams for the upcoming year.

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