Intuition; How to Trust Your Gut

Intuition How to Trust Your Gut

Intuition; How to Trust Your Gut

“How do I know if this is a psychic hit, or my just making this up?” As a professional intuitive this is without a doubt, the number one question people ask me. Perhaps, you like me have at one time or another had the same experience. “Is this my intuition or my imagination?” you ask yourself.

So how do you know whether it’s your intuition or your imagination? Fortunately there are concrete telltale signs when your intuition is a true psychic hit or if it’s merely your imagination catering to the outcome you want most.

intuition how to trust your gut

Is this Intuition or Imagination?

Learning to distinguish between intuition versus imagination is the most important skill to learn if you really want to deepen your intuitive ability; but to also deepen your trust with your angels and guides.

Learning how to trust your gut is also essential to practical intuitive living as well as to Divine trust; so in this article you and I are going to explore how to distinguish whether or not your impressions are a true expression of your intuition, or if they are the expression of your ego mind.

I will also share with you two simple, yet powerfully effective techniques that will enable you to tune into the body-mind with your heart in order to receive higher spiritual guidance.

Learning to Trust Your Gut

It was the summer of my 16th birthday and I was deciding whether or not to make an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles for my driving test. “Trust your gut,” my father said to me.

“Trust your gut? What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means going inside and feeling if taking the test now is the right time for you or not.”

What I’ve learned throughout the years is that trusting your gut is more than merely tuning into your emotional feelings which can be clouded by fear and the wants of the ego mind. Trusting your gut goes a bit further than that, because trusting your gut is also tuning into the physical body as well as your intuition.

What I’ve discovered through personal observation and application is that there is a distinct “voice” attached to your true intuition, versus the voice of your ego mind. Let’s take a deeper look at how each voice communicates with you. Knowing the difference between the two will deepen your trust in your own intuition by giving you a practical framework and reference.

The Voice of the Ego Mind

The ego mind is the part of you that is concerned with what you want, you think, and what you feel. Your ego is not a bad thing, but many times your intuition can be blocked due to conflicts with your own desires, expectations, and biases towards a particular outcome. This is why many people have difficulty when performing an intuitive reading on themselves.

What I mean? Let me share with you a true life example I had with a client last week. I will call my client Rosie (obviously not her real name).

Rosie presented herself for an intuitive angel reading to obtain clarity about a certain relationship. Rosie told me that she was a psychic newbie and that she had recently attended an Angel Intuitive workshop. She stated that she was having trouble knowing if the information she received from the Angel Card reading she had recently performed on herself was accurate or not. Her purpose for our session together was for validation.

What we discovered was that Rosie expected and desperately wanted a particular relationship to manifest. When I did my own intuitive reading for her the Angels told me more than once that this relationship is not beneficial for her, and that it no longer served her higher good.

I asked Rosie to go back to the reading she performed for herself and to notice how her inner voice “spoke” to her. I then explained the following:

The voice of the ego mind is bossy, envious, negative, un-supportive, selfish, mean-spirited, greedy, and just concerned with self-gratification. It brings with it a feeling of superiority, and a false sense of entitlement. The actions this voice suggest is often selfish, is not supported by true facts but by emotion, and steps on the rights of others.

I then asked Rosie if any of these traits showed up in her own interpretation of the Angel Card reading she performed for herself. Her eyes lit up with complete surprise as she had in “aha!” moment.

“Dar!” she said, “my inner voice was totally selfish and full of jealousy! As a matter of fact my question was whether or not my ex-boyfriend would dump his current girlfriend and get back with me. My inner voice responded with anger and jealousy and one of the things I thought I was intuiting that the cards were saying to me was, “he’s such a jerk for breaking up with you in the first place. And how dare he be with someone like her! What a personal insult to you.”

This sort of conflict of interpretation occurs not only with neophyte students of intuition either, as seasoned students of the psychic arts often fall prey to what is called confirmation bias. The most important thing you must realize in terms of your intuitive voice is that you are either operating out of love or fear.

The Voice of True Intuition

On the other hand, the voice of true intuition is always loving, gentle, kind, supportive, and uses positive language. It brings with it a feeling of inner peace, love, and courage. And the actions suggested by this voice is always mutually beneficial, loving, and supportive.

So how is all tied into your “gut” feelings? As I stated previously trusting your gut is tuning into the voice of your true intuition, as well as the physical feelings or sensations inside your body.

Your body has a built in flight-or-fight mechanism that is meant to protect you from harm’s way. And although mankind has evolved this fight-or-flight mechanism still comes into play whenever danger is near. The body just “senses” it. To most empaths this sensing comes naturally, but it is available to everyone at varying degrees once you learn to recognize its signals.

What is even more interesting is the discovery in body-mind science which reveals that your body cannot lie to you. Think back to a time when you had an inner knowing that something ‘bad’ was going to happen. More often than not you experienced a physical sensation inside your body corresponding with that feeling. For many people this manifests as a knot in your stomach, a pounding heart, sweating, and or an unexplained creepy feeling.

Now think back to a time when you had an inner knowing that something good was about to happen. Where did you feel in your body? For many people the physical experience in the body is a warm, peaceful, or loving feeling inside the heart.

However, trusting these physical sensations alone are not always accurate, because once again the ego mind can come into play and provide negative sensations due to hidden subconscious fears, which cloud your true voice of intuition.

“You must train your intuition-you must trust the small voice inside you.” ~ Ingrid Bergman

So what’s the solution?

Discerning the True Voice of Your Intuition

Here are two powerfully effective ways to tune into your body-mind in order to determine whether the guidance you are receiving is from the true voice of your intuition; or from your ego mind.

1. Quiet your mind and relax your physical body. The first thing to do is to quiet your mind and relax your physical body. In order to sense physical sensations as well as hear your true intuitive voice you must be open and receptive. When the physical body relaxes your breathing deepens and your mind automatically begins to still. The true voice of your intuition often speaks in a low gentle whisper; and to discern its wisdom you must learn to become quiet. The quickest way to do this is to perform some rhythmic deep breathing, as well as well as progressive muscle relaxation, just prior to tuning into your intuition.

In a recent article I shared a free downloadable resource on how to perform rhythmic breathing, as well as how to perform progressive muscle relaxation. You can find the instructions here: Stress Clearing with Archangel Raphael.

2. Ask the right questions. The second thing is to ask yourself the following question: “Without any thoughts, fears, judgments, or projections, what do I see, feel, hear, or know about this situation?” This question bypasses the conscious and subconscious mind chatter enabling you to activate your personal power. After you ask yourself that question, write the information you receive down onto a piece of paper. Look at what you have written. What is the tone of your inner voice? Is it loving or fearful? Where do you feel in your body?

Next, if you feel the need for additional confirmation follow up on your question with your trusted divination tools, such as your Tarot or Angel cards, or with your pendulum. If your divination method confirms what you’ve written you’ve accessed the true voice of your intuition. If it doesn’t match up for some reason, take a step back, relax your body and mind fully, and then try again.

Learning how to trust your gut is a prerequisite skill for living an intuitive life; and trusting your intuition builds up trust and intimacy with your Angels, Guides, and God. Give yourself permission to respond to the Universe’s call to divine intimacy by training yourself to discern the true voice of your intuition starting today; and watch as your life fragrantly unfolds around you petal by pedal.

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