Signs You Need a Spiritual Detox

signs you need a spiritual detox

Signs You Need a Spiritual Detox

Are you burning the candle at both ends, tense, and full of worry, unable to sleep? These may some early signs you need a spiritual detox.


Signs You Need a Spiritual Detox

Just like your physical body needs regular maintenance so does your spiritual body. If you eat junk food your body feels slow and sluggish. The same thing is true for the spiritual body.

The junk the spiritual body encounters on a daily basis is negative energy. Negative energy comes in many forms.  The media, people around you, and even your own emotional outlook will pull your spiritual body down leaving you feeling tired and drained.

Of course the junk you encounter day by day is a normal function of daily life, so moderation is the key.

Here are some other signs you need a spiritual detox according to

  1. Scrolling through your newsfeed seeking negativity. Misery loves company.
  2. Unintentional sarcasm spewing from your mouth. You try to be more mindful when you speak, but you can’t seem to help yourself.
  3. Your friends don’t want to be around you.
  4. Emotional pain.
  5. Finding pleasure in other people’s misfortunes. (Again, misery loves company.)
  6. Happy people tick you off. You don’t even want to hear the word “joy.”
  7. You don’t sleep well. You’re having bad dreams and catch yourself grinding your jaw. A lot.
  8. Continuing to find yourself in circumstances where you feel like the victim.
  9. Neglecting uplifting habits such as prayer, meditation, and anything inspirational.
  10. Chronic boredom.
  11. Not allowing yourself time to get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and nature.

If you are experiencing two or more of those symptoms its time for you get rid of some of that junk in your spiritual trunk. Here’s how . . .

How to Get Rid of the Junk in Your Spiritual Trunk

Move. Exercise is a wonderful way to recharge not only your physical body, but your mind and spirit as well. It helps you to build an energy bridge between body, mind and spirit. The body is often called the Temple of God, and exercise keeps you spiritual house in shape.

Connect with Nature. Try to get outside to commune with nature as much as possible. Falling out of nature is falling out of alignment with yourself. Nature recharges you physically and emotionally. On a spiritual basis it reminds you that you too are a beautiful creation of Infinite Love. You can take a walk outdoors, star gaze, walk along the beach (my fave), or anything else that floats your boat!

Pray and Meditate. Prayer and meditation resets your spiritual vibes by tuning yourself into the energetic realm of God and the Angels. More importantly, while prayer and meditation are different in application, the result is the same. Learning to calm the mental chatter in order to tune in to the infinite wisdom within which can only be found in the “stillness”. There are many varieties of meditation, but the goal is the same – to still your mind.

Give Yourself a Media Break. News, radio, social media, and even print resources can weigh you down energetically with all of its negativity. After a while the negativity can, and will build up inside your energy body. While you can’t do anything about world events, what your friends are doing or saying on social media, and what other people put in print – you can choose what you allow inside your sacred inner temple. Give yourself permission to unplug for a weekend, week, or even a month and watch how refreshed and recharged you will feel.

Monitor your thoughts. Negative thoughts give birth to negative words, which in turn create more negative thoughts. Train yourself to notice whenever you are thinking, speaking, or even behaving in a negative manner, and as soon as you notice it stop yourself and turn it around. For example, if you wake up dreading to face another day at ‘that job’, turn that around by saying something positive such as: “I am so grateful that I have been blessed with a job that provides me with a steady paycheck.” Stopping the negative chatter in its tracks and replacing it with a positive thought is not only rewires your internal thought loop, but also creates new neural pathways that will help you respond in a more positive light the next time the negative thought tries to repeat itself. Its like scratching a music CD – it will never play the same again.

There are many other ways you can spiritually cleanse yourself when the signs you need a spiritual detox arise. And when it comes to a spiritual detox the good thing is that it costs you nothing save a choice to be good to yourself by honoring the energetic being that you are with tender loving care.

So be aware of the energies around you, take those action steps as you’re inspired, and more importantly ask your angels for help to detox as often as is necessary, so that yo may continue to stay present, aware, and spiritually connected!

Blessings, Love, and Light . . .

Dar xo


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