Spring Clean Your Psychic Senses


Spring Clean Your Psychic Senses

Spring is here; the time we traditionally cleanse and clear our physical space as we symbolically make room for new growth in our lives. Whether this be clearing and cleaning our physical space by de-winterizing it, or fertilizing our gardens with new seeds to bloom, the end result is the same! Feeling fresh, clean, and excited for the new growth spring brings.

Just as your physical space can get clogged in the winters of life, so can your psychic senses. This means that regular cleansing and clearing of your psychic senses is a must. And this is especially true if you are working in professions that require, and depend on using your psychic senses on a daily basis.

Do yourself a favor this spring. Take some time out to spring clean your psychic senses with a negative thought detox . . .


Spring Clean Your Psychic Senses with a Negative Thought Detox

Clogged, and congested negative thoughts and beliefs can be detrimental to keeping your psychic senses clear and open to freely receive psychic communication in whatever form is natural for you. Sadly, oftentimes people only tend to cleanse and clear their energy bodies and forget to periodically dedicate some time to cleanse and clear their mental bodies as well.

As a professional psychic and psychic medium who also has the opportunity to teach others how to develop their own psychic gifts, I am often approached by students who feel that their psychic senses have somehow been stifled.

When I’m able to take a deeper look at what’s underneath their blocks I often find that underneath their so-called ‘psychic block’ is merely a result of unchecked negative thoughts and beliefs.

These negative thoughts and beliefs are an emotional and mental drain cesspool, plugging up their ability to adequately receive psychic impressions at will. What I have found that gets these students back on track is to simply taking some time out on a regular basis to conduct a personal negative thought detox.

If you’re interested in spring cleaning your psychic senses, and making sure that they are squeaky clean, clear, and humming freely, here are four powerful ways to get you started on your own negative thought detox.

Four Ways to Detox Negative Thoughts

1. Let go of all grudges, and instead choose to forgive. Holding onto grudges and anger will always set you backwards in life. When you’re looking at all the things that you think other people either did to you or to others, it’s really hard to see what’s positive and beautiful around you.

Holding grudges in feeling anger blocks your ability to clearly tune in to your psychic senses, because energetically it weighs you down. Take note of your own life right now. Do you have a grudge against someone else, or perhaps are you angry at them for something they may have done to you or someone you care about?

If so make a decision right now to let it go. I’m not saying to condone the situation, but to simply choose to let it go. The most wonderful thing about forgiveness is that you don’t have to feel it in order let things go; because forgiveness is simply a choice.

Remember if you’re angry with somebody all your attention and energy is focused on them and not on you. You can never control what someone else says or does to you, but you can’t control how you choose to view and think about the situation. Because all in all it’s not the situation that is upsetting you, but how you choose to view the situation.

2. Wean yourself off toxic people or things. Toxic things rob you of your mental, emotional, and physical energies. Toxic things consist of negative television and other media programming which fills your mind with negativity, killing, excessive cursing, etc.

Toxic people are the drama making colleagues, friends, family members, and acquaintances that energetically drain you on a regular basis. These are those people who are manipulative, gossipers, passive aggressors, the users, and those who are just plain mean-spirited. Do not allow them to steal your joy.

Toxic people can forge very deep if etheric cords in the energetic body if you will allow them to continue with their antics. Take stock of all the toxic people and things in your life right now and make a decision to get rid of them once and for all.

Obviously there may be some people in your life that you cannot easily rid yourself of. In that case get out a piece of paper and a writing utensil and set up definite boundaries to minimize your interactions with them. Above all, if you must be around these people make sure that you appropriately shield yourself from their negative energies.

3. Sprinkle your everyday interactions with positive thoughts. Sow positive thoughts wherever you go, and watch how they karmically root, and sprout bringing you the same positive feelings and interactions from other people.

Not only will this allow you to become more grateful for the beautiful things you have in life right now, but will also provide you with the opportunity to re-frame situations that at first blush may not seem so positive.

Positivity is a habit. So take some time every day to think positively in every situation you encounter, by strengthening your positive response muscle. This will raise your energetic vibration quite rapidly and allow you to easily reboot your psychic knowing.

4. Quit spending hours thinking about what is not right in your life. This process is called rumination, and not only is it not mentally and emotionally healthy, but is also self-defeating, and dis-empowering.

Instead of spending hours allowing your brain to spiral down into stress and negativity about what you think went wrong, or is going wrong in your life, let yourself off the hook. Instead remember that everyone, including you, always does the best they can with the knowledge, and understanding, they had at the time.

Flush your rumination out by taking a look at those stressful situations in your life and instead asking yourself some quality questions. Quality questions have a way of helping you to focus on what is really happening in the moment, and will allow you to get back on track.

Try asking yourself the following questions: What’s good about this situation? What can I learn from the situation? How can I turn the situation around in a way that is beneficial for all concerned? The more quality questions you can ask yourself the clearer you will become. And the clearer you are, the more equipped you are to handle situation in a positive, and self-empowering manner.


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