10 Signs Your House is Haunted

10 signs your house is haunted

10 Signs Your House is Haunted

Looking for signs your house is haunted? Do things go bump in the night? Feeling cold spots spontaneously occurring in the room? Do have the feeling that you’re being watched?

Are you experiencing the unexplainable in your home? Are you wondering if it’s just your imagination; or is it something else?

The truth is that paranormal activity in the home is more common than you think. And rest assured, you are not crazy, as there have been countless reports and stories throughout the centuries of uninvited and unseen house guests who insist on making their presence known.

signs your house is haunted

3 Types of Hauntings

When it comes discerning signs that your house may haunted, you must first realize that there are three categories of paranormal activity: residual hauntings, intelligent hauntings, and poltergeist hauntings.

Residual hauntings are the most common and are said to be the result of energy imprints on the environment. Residual haunts are recurring situations or circumstances that occur at specific intervals such as days or times, and are said to be much like that of replays of specific memories that occurred in the home, building, battlefield, or other environment that are being played over and over.

An intelligent haunt is the classic and most often portrayed category of haunting in Hollywood movies and main stream literature. With an intelligent haunt the spirit entities are able to interact and communicate with those in the living world.

Poltergeist hauntings are the most disconcerting as they usually take the form of objects being moved, or thrown. The word poltergeist means “noisy ghost”.

Sometimes a haunting will have a combination of one or two of these categories, or all three combined. But regardless of the type of haunting one thing is for certain. The paranormal activity has certain common themes associated with it.

Is your house haunted? Let’s find out . . .

10 Signs Your House is Haunted

1. Unexplained sounds. Hearing sounds that you cannot explain which include the sounds of doors, cupboards, and drawers opening and closing when you’re either home alone, or when you know that the room is unoccupied by your family and pets. You may also hear dishes rattling, the sound of someone walking on the floor or up or down stairs, or the sounds of furniture being moved.

2. Seeing movement in your peripheral vision. Seeing movement in your peripheral vision may take the form of seeing shadows, a human form, or sparkling light from the corners of your eyes; but when you turn to look there is nothing there.

3. Temperature fluctuations in the room. When the temperature of the air in around you suddenly changes and gets cooler this may be a sign that a spirit is close by. Theory states that cold spots are spirits absorbing energy around themselves in order to manifest.

4. Poltergeist activity. Are objects in your house being moved, knocked over, or thrown? Are items suddenly missing and then reappear in the most unlikely places? Such as keys or other small objects? These are common signs of poltergeist activity in the home, and sometimes can be quite frightening – especially when an object is thrown right at you or a loved one!

5. Disembodied voices. This consists of hearing whispers, coughing, crying, screaming, and even intelligible and unintelligible conversation. You may even hear someone call either your name, your pet’s name, or loved ones name.

6. Unexplained smells. Suddenly smelling scents like cigar or cigarette smoke, the smell of cooking, a waft of perfume, flowers or other fragrances that do not have an explainable origin are also a common sign of a haunting. Most often these smells are pleasant, but it is said that when a negative entity is around that the smells can also be putrid and rotten.

7. Feeling like you are either being watched, or that you are not alone. This is creepiness at its best especially when you know you are alone; and it’s one of the most common signs that a spirit is close by. Sometimes the feeling even causes your skin to erupt into goosebumps.

8. Furniture vibrating while you are using it. This could occur either when you’re sitting on a chair, the couch, or lying in bed, and can range from a gentle vibration to violent shaking.

9. Electronic device malfunctions. This includes devices such TV, radio, electronic toys, appliances, or other devices turning on and off by themselves; as well as the volume of the TV or radio suddenly going up or down. This also includes lights in the room turning on or off for no apparent reason.

10. Strange behavior pets. Pets are very sensitive to the other worldly energies. Pets are able to see and feel things outside of the range of normal human perception. When a spirit is near your pet may stare, growl, or meow at something you cannot see; and/or may absolutely refuse to enter certain rooms in the house.

What to Do if You Think Your House May Be Haunted

So how did you do? Did you find one or more signs that your house is haunted? Before you freak out, and pack up and leave, first make sure you do your due diligence to explore and t0 try to debunk the activity.

Most ‘hauntings’ can be explained and resolved with a bit of logic. Are there when drafts in the room? Is there evidence of a rodent or other small animal taking up nonpaying residency in your home? Are the hinges on your doors or cupboards lose? Are the noises you’re hearing just a common occurrence due to the house settling on its foundation?

If you cannot debunk one or more of these signs, and the activity persists but doesn’t seem harmful, you may consider either conducting an energy cleansing of your house, or perhaps a home blessing by a qualified professional.

On the other hand, if the activity persists or worsens, and you and your family feel threatened it’s time to call someone skilled in spirit elimination; such as a priest, psychic medium, or other skilled professional.

Finally, it’s important to not give your power away by giving into fear. Many times the spirit entities just want to get your attention to let you know that they are there. If they are doing activity you not approve of tell them to stop. This can be as simple as saying with conviction, “This is my house and I want you to stop that now!”

In closing, remember you’re never alone and can call out to God or your Angels to come by your side and to assist you whenever you’re feeling frightened, or when you need a boost of courage.

Psalms 91:10-11: “No evil shall come upon you, nor shall evil come near your house; for I give my Angels special permission to protect and defend you in every way.”


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