Archangel Gazardiel New Years Blessing Oil Recipe

archangel gazardiel new year blessings oil recipe

Archangel Gazardiel New Years Blessing Oil Recipe

The new year is a time of new beginnings and new starts. Start your your year off right with the Archangel Gazardiel New Years Blessing Oil Recipe.

Who is Archangel Gazardiel?

Archangel Gazardiel is the angel of the east and is often called “the illuminated one.” In some Jewish texts it is said that he is responsible for the rising and setting of the sun. Gazardiel brings illumination and new beginnings to anyone who asks. He embodies innocence, renewal and enlightenment.

Archangel Gazardiel reveals his presence with a shaft of beautiful light. The colors most often associated with Gazardiel are those of a fabulous sunrise: soft yellows, orange, and various hues of pink and purple.

You can call upon Gazardiel to help you with new beginnings and new starts in any area of your life. He can also provide you with spiritual enlightenment as well as a deeper understanding of an issue.

Prayer to Archangel Gazardiel

Archangel Gazardiel, Angel of New Beginnings, I AM ready to make a fresh start. And I AM prepared to receive the enlightenment that I need right now to follow through. I am willing to do what I need to do to accomplish my desires. Thank you for helping me to stay focused on my goal, and to embrace these new beginnings with enthusiasm, unwavering faith, and joy. Thank you! And so it is! Amen!

Archangel Gazardiel New Years Blessing Oil Recipe

 The Archangel Gazardiel New Years Blessing Oil Recipe is my yearly “go to” recipe as I set my intentions for the new year. My family and I have a standing tradition in which we bless our new year intentions with a few drops of this wonderfully potent oil blend.

Other ways you can use this oil recipe blend is to anoint a drop or two on a candle, light it, and place your New Year’s Resolution underneath it. Then just let the candle burn down. As an Archangel of Illumination the burning candle is symbolic of Archangel Gazardiel’s energy.

archangel gazardiel new year blessings oil recipe

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