Archangel Michael No Fear Essential Oil Blend

Archangel Michael No Fear Essential Oil Blend

Archangel Michael No Fear Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Feeling gripped with fear? The Archangel Michael No Fear Essential Oil Blend recipe is designed to quash your fears so that you can move forward with confidence and courage.

There are many reasons why you may feel fear. And while fear is often a natural by product of feeling that you are not in control of a situation or event, there are many ways you can learn to quash those fears.

Fear in itself is a natural instinctual arousal when you feel as if you are facing, or going to face a situation in which you have no control over the outcome.  You can do many things to alleviate your physical reaction to fear;  but one of the fastest ways is through the use of essential oils and prayer.

Ask for Archangel Michael’s Help while “Tapping” Away Your Fear

When it comes to combating fear, Archangel Michael is your greatest ally. Archangel Michael is ready and willing to help you move through your fears, and is an ever present source of help. All you need to do is ask for his help, and it is yours!

One very effective technique that I often share to clients when they are facing stressful situations that leave them in fear mode is what is called the thymus tap or thump. The word ‘thymus’ comes from the Greek word ‘thymos’ which means ‘life energy’. When this point is tapped it can help to calm your fears, get rid of negative energy, and reset your positive vibes.

The thymus gland lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone right in the middle of your chest. Tap firmly about ten times while using positive affirmations or during prayer. You will know when you have activated the thymus gland as you will feel a little tingling or a sudden feeling of ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’.

Optional – add a few drops of the essential oil blend with a few drops of carrier oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, and rub into the center of your chest before tapping the thymus point.

Prayer to Archangel Micheal to Remove Fear

Dearest Archangel Michael, Divine Protector, I ask that you cut through my fears and worries with your brilliant sword of blue light. Instill me with confidence and courage in this situation right now, and allow me to see the truth underneath it without bias. I now release my conscious and unconscious fears into your capable hands, and allow Infinite Love to intervene in this situation right now with the highest, and best outcome for everyone concerned. Thank you! And so it is! Amen!

Archangel Michael No Fear Essential Oil Blend Recipe

archangel michael no fear essential oil blend

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