Crystals and Gemstones for Angel Communication

crystals and gemstones for angel communication

Crystals and Gemstones for Angel Communication

There are certain crystals and gemstones for angel communication that help to connect you to the angelic realms. Many of these are naturally attuned energetically to the spiritual realms and have been appropriately named as a result of their energetic signature. A great example of such crystals are ‘Angelite’ and ‘Celestite’.

If you are looking for some common crystals and gemstones to assist you with angel communication, then the follow list will greatly benefit you . . .

crystals and gemstones for angel communication

Crystals and Gemstones for Angel Communication

Certain crystals and gemstones are more energetically attuned for spiritual communication. Especially for that of communication with the angelic realm. For the wearer or bearer, these crystals and gemstones charge the bio-energetic field attuning that energy with an extremely high resonance.

Experiment with the following list of high vibrational crystals and gemstones for angel communication. You may find as I have, that you already have specific crystals or gemstones that easily aligns itself with own energy vibration; thus enhancing spirit and angelic communication.

My own energy signature tends to work well with the vibratory resonance of Selenite, Rose Quartz, and Quartz Crystals.

Or you may choose to experiment with the other crystals and gemstones which are known to help you connect with the angelic realm in a deep and meaningful way.

Simple Ways to Work with Crystals and Gemstones

The simplest way to work with crystals and gemstones for angel communication is to first state your intention of use, and to then ask the crystal or gemstone to assist you by aligning your vibration with that of the angelic realms. This is also a great way to open, and to clear your psychic pathways.

Setting your intention and asking the crystal or gemstone for its assistance is also known as “programming” your crystal. Crystal programming is simply the process of implanting your selected thoughts and feelings into the crystal’s energy pattern. This helps to elevate the resonance and vibration of the crystals.

18 Common Crystals and Gemstones for Angel Communication

Amethyst * Angelite * Aquamarine * Blue Topaz * Celestite * Citrine * Diamond * Emerald *  Iolite *  Lapis Lazuli * Malachite * Quartz Crystal  * Moonstone * Opal * Rose Quartz * Ruby * Selenite * Sugalite

You can use these crystals during meditation, healing, angelic channeling and other psychic work. These crystals and gemstones can be easily found online and at crystal shops. They are a fun, and very effective way of connecting your energy with the angelic realm.


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