How to Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

how to get to know your guardian angels

How to Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

Would you like to know how to get to know your guardian angel on a more intimate level? This article is designed to do just that for you – to not only allow you to deepen your connection with your guardian angel, but to also allow you to develop a lifelong relationship with him or her.

Getting to know your guardian angel on a more intimate level is simple. In this article I have listed the necessary steps you need to connecting with your guardian angel, as well as ideas on how you can develop a relationship that will last a life time.

how to get to know your guardian angels

Six Surefire Steps to Get to Know Your Angelic Team

My guardian angels are some of my closest friends; and through the years my relationship with them has grown, and deepened. They are my trusted advisers, my confidants, and my sounding board.

Following are the six steps that I use personally, as well as teach to students. They are designed to help you to  communicate with, and to get to know your guardian angels in a deeper, and more intimate way.

∞ Relax. You need to relax your mind and your body prior to connecting with your angels. A quiet mind and body enables you to easily connect with the angelic wisdom and guidance from your angels.

∞ Set a clear intention. You need to be very clear about the purpose of your communication. What is it that you need help with? Be as specific as possible. The clearer you are the easier it is to tune into what your angels want to share with you.

∞ Write your question or concern down. Once you are clear about the purpose of your communication write it down in the form of a question. Writing your question down does a few things. First it signals the subconscious mind that what you have written is important. Your subconscious mind says, “Hey, she wrote this thing down: it must be important! Pay attention!” Secondly, it allows your angels to respond to your questions immediately since you have given them a clear purpose about your needs.

∞ Connect with Universal energy. You can do this several ways. My favorite is surrounding myself within a bubble of divine white light, and then asking for my angels’ to come assist me. Other ways you can connect is to pray, perform a simple guided mediation, or do some other form of spiritual exercise that allows you to get into the loving space of the divine energy.

∞ Tune in. Listen to that still small voice within. Pay particular attention to any thoughts, feelings, insights, signs, or symbols that come up for you. Pay attention to what draws your attention in your physical environment as well. Write all those things down, even if it seems obvious to you. Your angels often speak to you in ways that are so subtle that you more often than not you think it’s just you! Trust what comes up and write it down.

∞ Be willing to act on the guidance you receive. Sadly, many people receive fabulous guidance from their angels, but then fail to act. You must be willing to put your angel’s advice into action if you want to your situation shift. If you have been guided to a new way to approach a situation, do it. If you have been given new insights, make a plan of action thinking about all the ways you can incorporate that information in your particular situation.

Deepening Your Relationship

Just as you develop lifelong relationships with human friends, you can also develop lifelong relationships with your angels. And as with all other relationships, the more time you spend with someone the more you get to know him or her.

Spend time with your angels on a consistent basis. You may even consider setting aside a few minutes each day to just tune into and connect to your angel’s energy. Part of my morning success ritual is to sit down with my cup of coffee and my journal, and connect with my angels through a form of meditative writing, as well as just plain verbal banter.

I go over my intentions for the day with them, share with them things in my life that I am grateful for, and ask them questions on how I can best accelerate my life path. On those days when I am not able spend some quality time with them in the morning I find that I truly miss feeling their loving presence.

Another way to deepen your relationship is to just talk to your angels throughout your day. They are around you, and they hear you. I converse with my angels throughout the entire day, and we can be quite chatty together!

Finally, give your angels thanks for their presence and their continued help through your day, as well as in your life. Gratitude is a great way to keep yourself open to your angels’ presence, and it also builds up your trust in your angel’s guidance throughout the day.

In closing I want to share something that I feel is very important when it comes to getting to know your guarding angel. It is imperative for you to remember that angels are beings that abide by the principle of freewill. This means that they will never interfere in your life unless you give them permission to do so.

The takeaway is this – tell them that they can intervene on your behalf! I like to do this by saying a simple statement after I ask for their assistance which is:

“Thank you in advance for your help. I allow you do what is necessary in my behalf in regards to this situation [or – I allow you to lead me to the right people and resources that I need at this point in time].”

Have fun deepening your relationships with your guardian angels. You will soon find that you have a friend that is indeed closer than a brother or sister.


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